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Frequently asked questions

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What is the staging domain?

When you install WordPress, the website is given a staging domain. For example, Set up your site on the staging domain before you launch.

Once you launch the site the staging domain will no longer be active. If you unlaunch the website then it will be available once again at the staging domain.

How do I set up a custom domain for a website?

Step 1: Purchase a domain from a 3rd-party domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.

Step 2: Log into the account for your domain registrar and point the domain to your website's GoMahalo IP. We've included detailed domain pointing instructions for some of the more popular domain providers. View domain documentation.

Step 3: Wait a few hours (in some cases up to 36 hours) for the domain pointing to process to complete. Once the process is completed the domain will be set up and you can launch the site.

I set up a domain for a website. The domain status is "Configuring". What does this mean?

The status "Configuring" displays because the domain is not yet fully set up for the website. The domain registrar (where you purchased the domain, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) is still configuring the domain. The configuration process can take a few hours or up to 36 hours.

If the status "Configuring" displays for more than a few days it could mean that you configured your domain incorrectly. Review the domain documentation for more details.

Can I purchase a domain through GoMahalo?

Currently, you cannot purchase a new custom domain through GoMahalo. However, this feature is coming soon.

Can I change the domain for a website?

Yes! From your Websites dashboard, open the Actions menu and choose the "Domain" option. Then add a new domain to the website and set it as the "Primary" domain. The site will then display on the new domain.

Can I redirect multiple domains to a primary domain?

Yes! Additional domains that you add to a client website will redirect to the primary domain.