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Frequently asked questions

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Can I install WordPress and set up a website before hosting is paid?

Yes! Set up a website for free. Each new website has a free 7 day hosting trial. Send your client a GoMahalo hosting bill or pay hosting yourself.

How do I log into the WordPress Admin for a site?

What's great about GoMahalo is you don't need to remember the username or password for your WordPress sites. You can log into the WordPress Admin with one click from your Websites dashboard. Open the Actions menu, choose the option "Log in"' and you will be automatically logged in to the WordPress Admin.

You can also manually log into a WordPress site by visiting the site's WordPress Admin login page and logging in with your GoMahalo email and password. If the website is launched then the WordPress Admin login page is the domain plus /wp-admin. For example, If the website is not launched then the WordPress Admin login page is the staging domain plus /wp-admin. For example,

How do I access my website via SFTP, access the database and backup sites?

Visit your Websites dashboard, open the Actions menu and choose the option "WP Hub". The WordPress Hub includes many features for managing a WordPress site.

How do I update my WordPress installation to the latest version of WordPress?

GoMahalo automatically updates WordPress to the latest version, which always keeps your site up-to-date.